Universelt Design


Universal design

Universal design and accessibility involve creating environments, products, and services that can be used by everyone, regardless of age, ability, or background. It entails removing barriers and creating inclusive solutions that provide everyone with an equal opportunity to fully participate in society and enjoy all its facilities.

Our consultancy, including construction advisory, also considers accessibility issues, environmental concerns, and sustainability in the construction process by proposing energy-efficient solutions and the use of innovative technologies, including accessibility and the selection of welfare technological solutions.

Building draw by Mo Edwan

Our consultancy

In our approach to universal design and accessibility, No Limits Accessibility strives to create environments, products, and services that are accessible and usable for all, regardless of physical ability. This includes access to buildings, public spaces, transportation, and digital platforms.

Aesthetics and style, as well as ensuring functionality, are part of our approach to universal design. Innovation plays a central role in this process by promoting the introduction and development of new welfare technological aids and design methods that can address complex challenges and create new opportunities for inclusion and participation in society.